Simulating Metaphyseal Fracture Healing in the Distal Radius

Lucas Engelhardt, Frank Niemeyer, Patrik Christen, Ralph Müller, Kerstin Stock, Michael Blauth, Karsten Urban, Anita Ignatius and Ulrich Simon Biomechanics 2021, 1, 29-42.  Simulating diaphyseal fracture healing via numerical models has been investigated for a long time. It is apparent from in vivo studies that metaphyseal fracture healing should follow similar biomechanical rules although the speed and …

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Simulating lateral distraction osteogenesis

Frank Niemeyer, Lutz Claes, Anita Ignatius, Nicholaus Meyers, Ulrich Simon PloS one, 2018 Distraction osteogenesis is an effective method for generating large amounts of bone in situ for treating pathologies such as large bone defects or skeletal malformations, for instance leg-length discrepancies. While an optimized distraction procedure might have the potential to reduce the rate of complications …

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