Fracture Management

From treatment planning to rehabilitation management:
Patient-specific prediction of the healing progress

  • Holistic approach to surgical planning: Influence of the implant, patient biology and loading patterns on healing

  • Testing of different implant configurations to assist and empower clinicians in making informed treatment decisions

  • Risk assessment for delayed healing or non-union

  • Quantify optimal individual exercise capacity in the rehabilitation process

  • Schedule individual check-ups with adaptive control intervals, so that each patient receives the amount of care he or she needs

Education & Training

Hone your skills in the OSORA virtual test site for fracture care - continuous learning for optimal treatment results

Augmented reality facilitates easy access to the complex interplay of biomechanics and bone healing: introducing the OSORA fracture treatment sandbox

References & Development Partners

Implant Development

Accelerate your development process with virtual physiological testing