Our technology: bone healing simulation

We deploy digital twins for personalized fracture care and optimized therapy management

The technology has been tested and corroborated for the meta- and diaphyseal sections of long bones for several fracture scenarios.

Our approach enables in-silico testing of different bone types, fracture scenarios and treatment approaches.

Our long-term goal:  The simulation of bone healing in the entire human skeleton.

3D distal radius fracture healing simulation
(colors encode bone concentration)

Leveraging available clinical data and information - for an increased patient well-being

Radiological data

Patient records

Patient information

titanium surgical plate and titanium screws for the treatment of


arm leaning on crutches

Loading scenarios


We build on the extensive scientific groundwork done at Ulm University and by a worldwide community. Our team covers state-of-the-art know-how in fracture healing simulations, with a proven track-record in scientific publications. 

A selection of the most important publications: