Augmented reality in fracture care education – Lessons learned from the latest OSORA pilot deployment

At the 41st AO Trauma Blended Course in Halle we tested a novel teaching concept for assistant doctors, developed together with apl. Prof. Dr. Thomas Mendel of the BG Clinic Bergmannstrost. With a total of 122 participants, 26 instructors and spanning three days, the event brought a whole new set of challenges for OSORA.

One of the first use cases of the OSORA bone healing simulation was the deployment as a teaching tool for students of medical engineering. Bone healing simulation allows for the risk-free testing of treatment methods. The use in the training of junior surgeons is therefore a natural application for the OSORA technology.

The challenge: building on a tried-and-tested teaching concept and included in a tight time schedule, our innovative approach needed to blend into the session without sacrifizing room for the content blocks.

The solution: OSORA augmented real clinical cases with biomechanical analysis of stability. Bone healing simulation was then used to show possible effects of variations in osteosynthesis treatment.

The benefit:

  • Participants benefit from scenario analysis and the use of real patient cases. Visualization and representation of important healing KPIs in graphs simplify access to the complex theory.
  • Instructors were able to quickly adapt to the new format. A virtual gathering in advance and short individual preparation time have helped the experienced clinicians to incorporate the new concept in their busy work schedule.
  • Moving from a traditional linear Powerpoint-style to the deployment of the OSORA webapp does not require any hardware changes. The concept can also be offered completely digitally or on-demand for a wider audience.

The OSORA team would like to thank all the course participants, instructors and organizers for their trust and energy in the implementation of the project!

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