We enable patient-specific predictions of the healing process in bones

We provide a sophisticated prediction of the bone healing process in bones and its visualization for every patient - and ultimately, better treatment and an improved outcome for the patient!

Enable patient-specific fracture treatment

Predictive statements through simulation

Our simulation tool allows for predictive statements about the load-bearing capacity of a healing bone at any point in time of the treatment process.

The problem

Complications during the fracture healing process

The solution

We digitize the biomechanics of patient-specific fracture treatment and the healing process

Radiological data

Patient records

Patient information

titanium surgical plate and titanium screws for the treatment of


arm leaning on crutches

Loading scenarios


gif of a healing femur simulation

Our technology

Prediction of bone healing through simulation

The technology has been tested and corroborated for the meta- and diaphyseal sections of long bones for several fracture scenarios.

Our approach enables in-silico testing of different bone types, co-morbidities and many more patient-specific parameters.

The long-term goal is the simulation of the entire human skeleton.

3D distal radius fracture healing simulation
(colors encode bone concentration)


OSORA offers a wide range of possible applications

Medical Education


The relationship between biomechanics and bone healing is crucial for the understanding of fracture treatment. Take advantage of our fracture playground and immerse yourself in treatment possibilities.

Fracture Management

We augment doctors’ decision with a patient-specific prediction of the healing course – for early mobilization & complication prevention

Implant Development

Streamline & accelerate the development of products from idea to launch through virtual physiological testing


Customers & References

Who trusts us

Based on over 20 years of scientific research we build on the extensive groundwork done at Ulm University and a worldwide community. Our team covers state-of-the-art know-how in fracture healing simulations, with a proven track-record in scientific publications.


The team

About us

The project team has its roots at Ulm University. 

We build on an extensive network of clinical expertise, well-established scientific structures and entrepreneurial spirit both within the region and abroad.

For the pre-seed phase and in order to achieve our first development goals, we are funded by the EXIST Transfer of Research program.

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