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The problem: Complications during the fracture healing process


  • 5-10 % rate of complications in the course of fracture healing
  • Delayed union, or worse, non-union of the bone segments
  • Prolonged immobilization & treatment
  • Danger of permanent disability


  • Biomechanical situation not properly assessed
  • Patient-specific circumstances, e.g. co-morbidities, and their effects on fracture healing are difficult to consider
  • Lack of patient compliance

The solution: Prediction of the healing process and the evolution of the load-bearing capacity

During the medical treatment large amounts of data are generated and several decisions have to be made. Our tool uses the available data, processes them in due time and provides valuable decision-making support.

Data entry (input)

  • Data from medical imaging techniques & anamnesis
  • Properties of osteosynthesis products
  • Patient-specific co-morbidities
  • Loading & biomechnaical situation
  • Other parameters

Fracture healing simulation (throughput)

  • Biomechanical simulation & testing
  • Changes in tissue distribution

Simulation results (output)

  • Visualization of results
  • Expected duration of the healing process
  • Strength of implant-bone-connection, degree of osseointegration
  • Load capacity & training force

OSORA offers a range of possible applications


OSORA is a partner for the development and design optimization of novel osteosynthesis products and fracture treatments.

Education & research

As a training tool for medical staff and students, OSORA can simulate the effects of treatment procedures.

Treatment optimization

The simulation can be used as a virtual second opinion and for decision support about potential revisions.

Treatment decision

Our long-term goal: providing a tool that accompanies patient & doctor throughout the treatment process.